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Thin Film

Our thin film has unrivalled performance against conventional home compostable alternatives, and is currently being produced in the UK for caddy liners, bin & dog waste bags, as well as retail carrier bags.

Available on Amazon. For custom orders please get in touch directly:

•  Home Compostable – Passes standards of American BPI ASTM D6400, European OK Compost Home, EN 13432 from TUV. Ok Compost Home guarantees 100% biodegradability in home composting conditions leaving no plastic or toxic residue.

•  High Performance Technology – Enhanced with advanced materials technology to give strength and tear resistance better than synthetic plastics. Much less likely to break and spill your food waste than other bags.

•  Highly Resistant to Tearing – 50% more tear resistant on average compared to other bags of same thickness including both compostable, synthetic plastic, and paper bags, and comparable tear resistance to re-usable synthetic plastic that are more than 2x as thick as our bags.

•  Low Carbon Footprint – Less than 30% that of synthetic plastic

•  Custom Design – We can design the bags to your brand and brand colour specifications

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