Toraphene is excited to launch their ’11 years in stealth development’ graphene-enhanced Masterbatch series with Market Disrupting High Performance.

Toraphene Masterbatch can be used in 3D printing filament, Additive Manufacturing powders or resins, and a variety of blown and cast film applications and coatings including carrier bags, produce bags, dog waste bags, mailer bags, electronics pouches, health/pharmaceutical product bags, industrial film, and agricultural film.

We manufacture graphene-enhanced Masterbatches that are standardised for cost optimised manufacturing, or that can be custom designed to achieve the optimal balance of product enhancements we offer:

•  Improved carbon footprint / LCA

•  Tear Resistance

•  Tensile Strength

•  Electrical Conductivity (e.g. “anti-static” polymers)

•  Thermal Conductivity

•  Processability

•  Opacity

•  Puncture Resistance

•  Rigidity

•  Abrasion Resistance

•  Chemical Resistance

•  Thermal Stability

•  Flame Retardancy

•  Barrier Properties

Send us an email at to find out if our standard Masterbatch products or custom solutions design team can help upgrade your 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing applications, films, or coatings.

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