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3D Printing

Toraphene is excited to launch their graphene-enhanced, multi-functional 3D printing series, Toraphene-3D™, combining High aesthetic performance with Exceptional mechanical and environmental performance.

Toraphene-3D™ is a revolutionary biopolymer composite of PLA/PHA nano-reinforced with functionalized graphene from Graphitene using Toraphene® nano-engineering dispersion technology.

Toraphene-3D™ provides excellent superior mechanical and aesthetic properties including a much higher strength to weight ratio, higher thermal conductivity, and a highly defined surface finish. Thermal conductivity translates to reduced print times and better definition even in small objects.

The dispersion of graphene does not negatively impact the environmental credentials of either PLA or PHA: both remain industrially compostable and ocean biodegradable respectively.

Toraphene recommends Toraphene-3D™ for complex prototypes with high environmental and aesthetic impact.

Compared to PLA or PHBH without graphene, Toraphene-3D offers superior:

•  Strength to weight ratio

•  Thermal Conductivity

•  Electrical Conductivity

•  Tensile Strength

•  Improved carbon footprint / LCA

•  Rigidity

•  Puncture Resistance

•  Processability

•  Elastic Modulus

•  Abrasion Resistance

•  Chemical Resistance

•  Thermal Stability

•  Flame Retardancy

•  Barrier Properties

Also available in PELLETS.

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